Executive Summary:

Systems Administrator with a passion for electronics and software. Amateur Radio Extra Class license holder who prefers building radio related projects to operating.

Skill Summary:

Test equipment operation; oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, logic analyzer, DVM, frequency counter, signal generator, and others.
RF Electronics; filters, amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, antenna theory.
Digital Electronics; Atmel and PIC microcontrollers, Xilinx FPGA's.
Programming Languages: C, Perl, Ruby, Python, shell scripting, PIC 8 bit assembly.


DSP experimentation (in progress)
The short term goal is to build an SDR based on the dspic33 or ARM Cortex-M4 and a direct conversion RF front end. Currently at the stage of learning how to use the DSP functions of the arm cortex m4. The long term goal is to build a direct conversion SDR with a minimal RF front end using high speed (100+ Msps) ADC's and DAC's for the HF bands.

Reverse engineering the Pano Logic Generation 1 thin client (in progress)
Gathered data sheets for board components, found the jtag port and putting it to use, found some free IO for experimentation (the SPI port), traced the clocks for the fpga, and traced the FPGA pins to the various other IC's so they can be used outside the context of a thin client.

Antenna Analyzer
Studied and implemented several designs based on the Bruene bridge, the Tandem match, and wheatstone bridge using diode detectors and AD8302 phase/magnitude detectors.

Iambic Morse code keyer
Based on the Atmel attiny85, this is a capacitive touch keyer with a minimal parts count.

Antique Radio Restoration
Projects include restoring a Heathkit HW-101 transceiver, a Fada Shortwave receiver manufactured in about 1939, and a Hallicrafters S-38 communications receiver.


Tech Commitee member for Pentucket Radio Association, Haverhill MA 2013-01 to present.
Assist with maintenance and upgrades for the club 2 meter repeater.
Field radio related technical questions from other members.

Systems administration jobs from 1995 to present
For more details, see http://2gn.com/~jjorgens/john_jorgensen_resume.html

Radar Repairman, USMC
1987-09 to 1993-08
Maintained and repaired air search radar systems using a variety of test equipment in conditions ranging from war-time in a desert to training exercises in sub-zero temperatures.
Performed duties of Radar Crewchief including administrative tasks and managing up to 4 junior radar repairmen.
Performed the tasks of Safty NCO including training staff on electrical and hazardous materials safety.


Marine Corps Communications and Electronics School, 29 Palms CA 1987-09 to 1988-10

Basic Electronics (completed at the top of the class)
Crypto/IFF (Identification, Friend or Foe) course (completed top of the class)
Radar Repair course (completed second in the class)